Sigma Thêta Pi

First francophone fraternity in France and Canada

Month: June 2016

Greek Academy event

Capture d’écran 2016-08-19 à 13.38.23

Brothers of Amiens and Paris attended the first edition of the Greek Academy organized by the Zêta Lambda Zêta of Paris. Participants presented in turn their field of study, their work or a project. Beside that, we had the opportunity to visit Paris. Our brother Yohann won the competition ! This weekend was also an opportunity to bring together all European chapters of Zêta Lambda Zêta, Nu Delta Mu of Amiens and Sigma Theta Pi Amiens and Paris.

X­Man Race at Mount Sutton

xmanrace_Sigma-theta-PiOn the 5th of June, 4 of our Montreal brothers participated in the X­Man Race at Mount Sutton. Despite rain and wind, they made an 7.5km obstacle race.

Our four brothers have completed this mad race in 1h40, which allowed them to finish in the top 150 runners. With their participation in the challenge IRCM and the X­Man Race, Bêta demonstrated athletic excellence again. A big­ups to you guys !

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