The Delta Chapter was founded in 2009. It’s the largest French chapter in operation. Its members mainly study at Jules Verne University. This city of human size is known notably for its cathedral but also as a lively student city. For this reason, the brothers are proud of their chapter and love to share their good atmosphere.

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The Beta Chapter of our fraternity is the second oldest chapter created by our organization, in 2008, and the oldest still active. Located in Montreal, Quebec, it has students from all universities in the city (Montréal University, Concordia, ETS, Polytechnique, HEC, McGill).

Recognized as an official student association at UdeM University, he’s also a member of the Inter-fraternity Council, which brings together the fraternities and sororities present at Concordia. Thanks to its recognition, the Chapter is engaged with various organizations and associations allowing it an application of its principles, notably philanthropic, but also academic and sports.

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parisLutetia is the last Chapter to have been created by our organization in October 2012. Its members are present in a wide range of universities or schools in the Paris basin. All curricula are represented. Paris is also a crossroads for all the members of our fraternity who regularly meet there. In addition to our organization, we can now count on the presence of sororities.

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The Kappa Chapter was created by our organization in 2012. Most members are students or alumni of Laval University. The members of the Chapter are considered as representatives of Laval University. They participate each year in various sports, academic competitions and also develop entrepreneurial / volunteer initiatives. Thus, the Chapter Kappa always had the vocation to encourage and help the development of the personal projects of each of his brothers. The university officially recognizes this Chapter since 2015, which is a victory for our brothers in Quebec City.

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