Sigma Theta Pi was founded in Grenoble Universities, on September 21, 2003, on the Cardinal Principles: Brotherhood, Pride, and Dignity. Today, the Fraternity has grown on 4 campuses in France and Canada. Sigma Thêta Pi is currently the largest fraternity in terms of undergraduate enrollment in french speaking universities, in France, and all over the world, and we would like to specify that we are not strictly French-speaking.

Our mission statement: Make our members, tomorrow’s excellence

Sigma Theta Pi is a brotherhood with roots in the universities which engenders a lifelong commitment to strive for true friendship, fraternal spirit, equal justice, dignity and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live, our communities.

Real Brotherhood

Brotherhood and friendships are a crucial component of the university life. Sigma Theta Pi brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, school programs , and religions to assist one another in the search for high-minded goals—a friendship of a higher order that we call brotherhood.

The unique relations that entwine each and every one of the brothers that join our ranks, cannot be matched by normal relationships that one could hope to obtain in a normal student life. The bonds created and the substance which the bonds are made of, are only rivaled by real family relationships.
This unique blend of people, is a singular stepping stone, a pillar which gives the opportunity to each member of the tightly knit group to rely on his peers whenever he needs help, which also enables each member to help others in need.
In a nutshell, Sigma Theta Pi is a unique window into a world of people so different and diverse, but that are seeking the same thing: A core group of brothers to shoulder with side by side, while braving the daunting challenges of today’s society.

Personality Shaping Development

Sigma Theta pi offers a lot of social events, but it does so in the context of good character. Integrity, dignity and loyalty are all lofty goals which sometimes find themselves contradictory to the impulses of collegiate life. Our fraternity provides a continuum of character altering development that assists young men in developing the qualities of their personality.

As each member is an intricate part of the fraternity, it is important that every student is capable of projecting core values that reflect the fraternitie’s image. However, taking pride in our diversity, it is our hope that each member can bring his own personal aptitudes to the table, to constitute a fully capable and diverse group of people. Thus each member, develops certain personal qualities that he brings forth, and in the process, each student can find their own path to growing into an outstanding student.

It is not Sigma Theta Pi’s wish, to break down each member and re-mold them into a certain uniform image. It is however our prerrogative, to provide all the help necessary, to enable each member to achieve the highest level of self fullfillment and in doing so, grasping everyone’s true and unique potential.